whyrHymer designer Brandon Morrison found inspiration in two boxes laying on each other in the whyrHymer shop and the LAYER lamp was born.

Notice the positive and negative spaces that creates dimension without overpowering the design and detracting from the light source above. Softly rounded vertical corners are small design elements that transform a block of wood into something special. 

LAYER is supplied with a cord mounted dimmer and the lightbulbs(60 watts each) shown are included. Shipping is FREE anywhere in the USA!

Available in Walnut (shown), White Oak, Cherry, Mahogany, and custom lacquer colors.  

Finishes available: Polished Nickel(shown), 24K Gold plated, Polished Brass & Oil Rubbed Bronze. All finishes are standard except for 24k Gold.

8"w X 8"d X 14"h


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