A Better Chair

The Atomic Series No.1 chair is one of those deceptively complicated chairs that look simple to build.....but isn't.  For one, that painted seat is a time bandit and each section of the seat requires a different template so they all line up correctly since no one is the same width.  I love this chair so much.  Since I have made this film ,I have placed the chair in DeSousa Hughes' showroom and the chair will be featured in a "Whats New" section of California Home Magazine in the upcoming issue. Having the opportunity to show this piece and several of my others in such a respected and dynamic showroom has opened a world design possibilities that didn't exist for me only one year ago.   These clients also care about material choices and I love the fact that the entire chair is made from FSC Certified Walnut and Euro Beech.  Cheers to never being content with a design until you feel it's truth in your soul.

The Ever Evolving whyrHymer..

Lighting is incredible. It's very frustrating at times.... it's magic all the time...... and most importantly, it influences how you feel when you are near it.  Think about this the next time you are in the company of a beautiful light source.  I knew lighting would be one of the most important business models I could develop for whyrHymer because most furniture designer/makers don't focus on lighting in a personal context as someone like myself can.  Most of the larger companies lighting is generic and boring to say the least.  But I have been fortunate to have found some great resources that have allowed my visions to manifest into what is my lighting collection today.

As much as I love the challenge of all the lights I make, I look forward to a cabinet or chairs after two or three lamps in a row. Lot's & lot's of small steps and details.  Safety is also paramount, which is the focus of  the accompanying short film.  Take a look feel free to share it with everyone and enjoy!

Take care.

The Simplest Things

I have always loved film and storytelling at it's most creative. One of the aspects I love about filming myself working and showcasing whyrHymer through the lens of a camera in finding the emotion in what's happening. I get so excited when I sit down to edit because I have this broad spectrum of puzzle pieces to join together that will convey what I set out to deliver...hopefully.

I came acoss this video on Vimeo and was awestruck at how simple the concept is and how impactful it ultimately is.  It's a piece of paper! It's shows without a doubt that you can tell a story with the simplest forms.

I recommend that you go to this persons website to see more of his work.

Take care.

April 07, 2010


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This is a short film that a friend sent to me a few years back and I decided to put it with whyrHymer content on the Video page of the website.  What I am struck by the most when I see this time and time again is how important it is to remember to keep your self centered. So much of our lives can be taken over by time pirates of all sorts that grind down our souls and I am reminded to live like a kid when I watch this. Having a daughter of my own now only solidifies the truth in the fact that I don't have to try to be anything... ever.... because I will always be everything that ever exists...as are you.

Oh How Things Change...

One year ago today I sent out this signature to all of my contacts to show that whyrHymer doesn't take it self too seriously and no one is immune to human psychology, especially non essential item makers.  For Halloween that year myself, my wife, and our best friend went as the dying economy.         So this signature was right for the times.

Like everyone I was certainly concerned about all the work and money that I had put into building whyrHymer into a sought after line of fine furniture washing down the drain. But with this reality taking hold I also learned how ignorant most of the media coverage is of our society's actual pulse.  I learned to look between the lines and see what isn't the most obvious.   That can be unsettling at times.  Living from the soul, as natural as it should come, can take a toll when you still believe in all the hype of our contemporary world.

What I started to see through my new worldview was a subtle awakening of our birthright.  We are entitled to be content (not happy) simply because we can be at any time.  I can choose to love typing these letters because I can, and realizing the brilliance of my body's ability to do something so complex when that fact is so easy to forget.      What does this mean?

I am aware of myself.

Everything changes when this happens.

The Great Recession was my stork delivering new life in many ways.  My daughter was born in our bedroom and I watched my wife become a woman in the deepest, truest sense possible. I realized the greatest achievements I will ever accomplish will be internal.

This is evolution at work.

This past decade of blind consumption shows us how atrophied our inner selves had become.   People literally became owned by the things they thought they cherished the most.  At least seemingly....     Maybe the majority of people will have found a new part of themselves as I did that will not allow you to go back to that old paradigm.

The "things" I sell are not necessities for sure, but what I try to bring to my work is an awareness of self that transcends my actual work and what that provides to my clients.  I hope that my awareness that has come from pursuing the non standard life will inspire someone else, or at best, have them feel that they are supporting someone who has their best interest at heart.  I believe with everything I know that people want to trust unconditionally, and I have such a great platform to provide that.  My shoulders are broad.

I try to pass on my peace to everyone I can because it's not my peace after all, it's all of ours.  Lot's of people have it. Lot's of people don't.   Those moments happen when they are necessary.

I am grateful for my awareness of everything.  Sundeep and Sonia, my best friend Toky, my family, and to all of the people who have supported me in every way possible.

I am trillions of small parts of you rolled up into one person.   Thank you.


"The Maker"

[wpvideo IoUF5Vys]

This has been a collaborative effort for two years now between me and Toky.  Many weekend shoots and many small details and much evolution later, we have this.  I am proud of it and more is sure to come.  Go to the website and click the info above the screen on the home page to find out more about "The Maker" and our upcoming exhibition.

whyrHymer "The Original"

[wpvideo Dmv5Yxkm]

This is the first ever video we produced to show everyone a personal look at how we go about making our work. We are now armed with the Cannon 7d and are going crazy to get new film out.  But we first wanted to pay our respects to the "Original" before moving on.

Take care.