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Hell, it's been a while now since I have blogged or written at length about my work life at whyrHymer.   Opening the showroom on LaBrea proved to be as hard as I thought it would be...and then some.   "Overhead" kinda takes on a literal meaning when you start cutting it close on expenses, you feel like the dollar bills are sitting on your head!   But, life and the universe prevails and abundance comes and all is well again.

Such is the life of an entrepreneur, right?


Necessity for comfort and peace of mind will get you motivated to find solutions to whatever problems you feel that need to be solved.  Mine, like every budding business that has a proven concept is CA$H FLOW.     whyrHymer is profitable but I'm limited by how much work I can put out and what is left over to take a break and make new stuff.   The showroom is my ball and chain!  That's it!   I got it!

I'm making it simple here folks for sure.  But the lesson is...it takes time for things to mature into their own.

We will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary later this year and with ZERO advertising and a lot of hard work and dedication, Sundeep and I have made a great living and raised our daughter out of that place.  Its time to evolve.

whyrHymer is entering a new day soon and its another element in the Universe of whyrHymer that will add to the alchemy that we already have.  

Semihandmadedoors.com will be bringing in a whole new kitchen to fit into the newly remodeled rear of the store.  I will also be licensing a portion of my lighting line to a well known and trail blazing designer and inviting a select few of his pieces into the showroom as well.  We are both very excited and expect great things.


I'm also going to be debuting many new designs in the next couple of months as well and we are going to have one hell of a massive party to debut all the seriously badass happenings taking place.

I always remind myself that I can actually die at any moment when I star bitching to myself about...whatever.  So with that thought firmly planted in my skull I wake each day looking for the best possible use of my time and that's how you build a career from nothing.

Hard Work + Opportunity = Happy Life.


Until next time, take care.


Brandon Morrison
Brandon Morrison


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