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What a summer its been at camp WHYRHYMER.  This is my campfire story for you.

It all started one typical day in the shop when I get a call from the owners of Desousa Hughes, the showroom that was representing me at the time in S.F..   Geoff $ Erik  had been great to me, but I knew their calling wasn't fortuitous.  This is where pure instinct can never be questioned.  I earlier in the day had a thought that I should call and jokingly ask whether the designers who frequent the showroom were vomiting when they looked at my new work..I had no inquiries since bringing up new pieces two months prior and I was getting worried they would break up with me.  It's a business after all and they need to make money off of their space and I wasn't generating any for them.

Hmm,  where could this story be going?

Back to the conversation with Geoff $ Erik.   They were calling to break up after all!!  They had decided to take on designer Christian Liaigre' and the company wanted lots of floor space, so me and a few more had to go.  They were sweet about it and I reassured them I understood completely....even though I was dry heaving on the inside like a child in the depths of a tantrum.  I explained that earlier in the day I literally had the same thought they expressed as the reason to let me go..that's where the instinct part I mentioned before comes in to play.   The universe is always conspiring in your favor...right?

So, after that moment I sat for a few days and thought about what to do next.  I made the standard phone calls to all the designers I had worked for and asked who I should seek out for representation and I was reassured that Enid Ford  was the best place for me.  I talked with the owner and she agreed.  What to do next?

That night I watched a show on the Discovery Channel about how the brain works and how sometimes a fleeting could save thousands of lives, change your life or ruin everything.  The point is that it only takes one small notion of a thought to trigger more thoughts that may lead to a tremendous outcome..good or bad.

I was reminded of the "thought" I have had for eons.  "I WANT MY OWN SHOWROOM" is what was pounding the inside of my skull.  My thought wasn't had just become dormant over time.  I wasn't ready when I thought I was and when I had no reason to think I was ready is precisely when I was.  How's that for thinking you know what the hell is going on.  I got on the computer the next day and long story short, found and negotiated the perfect space and price point on a store front 15 minuets from my house/shop and in the thick of everything desirable to design minded shoppers.  Two weeks before... this was not even on my radar.  "How the FUCK did this just happen", was a thought I remember having after standing in the showroom the day of the opening.

Now having been open for one month I have the perspective of what a great asset "letting go" is.  All of the achievements in the past have come on the heels of me deciding not to be an accidental victim of the way it seems we should live our lives in order to "prosper".  These deep layered thoughts are as a result of evolution no doubt and take a lot of work to suppress, but man is it important.  The store is thriving in its infancy and Sundeep & I see so much ahead that its like being drunk before you've even arrived at the bar.   I don't drink....but, I assume it feels that way when you do.   The anticipation of the future is intoxicating...or destructive if one isn't careful.  

I 've learned that my life will always be a series of stages and I have always tried to move into the next with the hindsight of the's worked out well.  What more could I ask for!

Take care.

Brandon Morrison
Brandon Morrison


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Gary Callender
Gary Callender

July 07, 2013

I love your work. The things you create show how your mind functions. I too have a shop that I do some wood work in.
I have a couple of questions
First do you draw your projects and plan them out or do you simply sit down and start working with a picture in your head?
Second. Do you do all your work alone?
Just curious


March 17, 2013

Found your website through Houzz. Your story is inspirational. I have never learnt how to work with wood but have talked about doing so forever. I will be starting a woodworking class soon and it was all thanks to you.

Good luck with your endeavours and hello to Sundeep and Sonia.


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