The Light Inside

When I started to build furniture the one or many aspects I never counted on was all of the additional opportunities to be creative.  Having just watched a documentary last night about how art makes us human & how being human allows us to make art, I felt very in tune with my ancestors for sure.  Below you see the tear sheets that are used in the design business for designers to use in their planning of a space and they are generally very boring. I have a problem with being's like being an asshole to don't have to be.

So with my new-found business 7 years ago I embarked on becoming a graphic artist without realizing it..... It's funny how true "necessity is the mother of all invention" really is when you see it in your daily life.

So lots of time and a pirated copy of Photoshop CS something another later ,we get what you see when you go to  I have to give major credit to TOKY for being such a generous soul with sharing his knowledge on many of the "structural" details that one should know when doing this work on your own.

I have had such a great time creating my ad campaigns and the overall look of the website that I just can't fathom ever letting go of these duties.

I love hitting the end of a chisel as much as I love the click my mouse.

Take care.



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September 20, 2010

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