A Better Chair

The Atomic Series No.1 chair is one of those deceptively complicated chairs that look simple to build.....but isn't.  For one, that painted seat is a time bandit and each section of the seat requires a different template so they all line up correctly since no one is the same width.  I love this chair so much.  Since I have made this film ,I have placed the chair in DeSousa Hughes' showroom and the chair will be featured in a "Whats New" section of California Home Magazine in the upcoming issue. Having the opportunity to show this piece and several of my others in such a respected and dynamic showroom has opened a world design possibilities that didn't exist for me only one year ago.   These clients also care about material choices and I love the fact that the entire chair is made from FSC Certified Walnut and Euro Beech.  Cheers to never being content with a design until you feel it's truth in your soul.



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