Two years ago I made the Kalifornia Lounger chair in 5 days (not sensible at all) because I decided at the last minuet to make a new chair to debut at the exhibition I was in up in San Jose, CA.  I had wanted all along for the chair to be a rocker but I was a little intimidated by getting the correct arc and weight balance within the amount of time I had.  Little did I know how difficult it was going to be to figure out the back support angles, the arm rest angles, and, well everything.  It's a tough chair to build, but it turned out well.  Now I have an opportunity to put the chair in my showroom DeSousa Hughes and I decided that it needed to be a rocker and be born all over again.         ReBirth It was much easier than planned I have to admit.  Maybe I got lucky , but it balances out very well and rocks beautifully.  Now I will keep shaping the rockers into the transition from the original feet and then it goes to the paint shop to be lacquered a kick ass  RED.  The first picture is what this chair used to be and what it is now becoming.  I am filming the whole process so......stay tuned.




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