The story of whyrHymer is one of constant evolution. whyrHymer designer/maker Brandon Morrison set out from rural Louisiana in 1998 to pursue a career as an actor and fate intervened as it often does when you least expect it.

Several setbacks in the film world put Brandon into a position to build wood related projects more often for clients of a hardware store where he worked as a handyman.  Having access to tools and a place to workshop where he lived, all the elements needed to begin a career that has become whyrHymer were slowly assembling.

An almost career ending hand injury instead fueled a desire to be the best designer/maker Brandon could become.  This moment was the genesis of whyrHymer as we know it today. An unrivaled work ethic and dedication to customer satisfaction has allowed Brandon & wife Sundeep to grow whyrHymer into a sought after boutique line of furniture and lighting.

Brandon's work has been on the cover of CA Home + Design magazine, awarded the 2010 Stars of Design award from the Pacific Design Center in LA, the subject of numerous articles, and Brandon named a "Great American Woodworker" by American Woodworker magazine.

whyrHymer, we hope serves as a source of inspiration for people who wonder if they have what it takes. Life has taught us that when you listen to your soul and to your instincts, you will find your true path. Making a living by being creative is not easy, nor should it be. As human beings we have the capacity to grow our spirits and our intellect and we will only ever do that when we are trying to do things we yet know how to do.

We are grateful for your support of our work.  Take care.

Brandon & Sundeep Morrison